This year was truly a *grand* year. I never would have thought I could accomplish so much in my first year of showing. I would like to take a moment to thank all those who helped me, all the wonderful Judges who used my cats, and even the ones that didn't, for it made me work harder.

Below you will find info and pictures on the cats I showed or produced, as well as my first DM and 2 new Regional Winners.

Spyder is now grand pointed.

*Spyder* is pictured above at 6 year 8 months old. This is my foundation female. Spyder is a very nice strong female, she short in body, heavy in bone, very very round. She has a nice top head, little ears and nice round eyes. She carries heavy coat factor and passes along all these wonderful attributes to her offspring.

We hope to be able to add GC to her name as well, sometime between litters. ;~)

SPYDER IS A NEW DM!!!!!!!!! Spyder became a DM in 3 litters. To date every kitten produced by Spyder to enter a show hall has attain a Grand title.

She is the dam of:

GC, RW Genasaqua's Bellini of Whispurwnds - 10 ring grand

GP Genasaqua's Mango Mosa - 1 show grand

GC Genasaqua's Lydia

GC Genasaqua's Mimosa of Whispurwnds - 4 show grand

GC, RW Genasaqua's Champagne Charlie - 3 show grand

GC Genasaqua's Original Sin

This little girl has an amazing body! Short thick legs, itty bitty ears. Large round round eyes, sweet expression! And her personality is outstanding.

Sissy is a new GRAND CHAMPION!!!

 Sissy attained her last grand points on April 12, 2009 in Longview, Wa

This male is completely balanced in body, he is wide, low to the ground, compact, cobby, and has super heavy bone. Large round round eyes, little ears, sweet expression! Like his brother below his weight is wonderful.

Sinner is a new GRAND CHAMPION!!!

 Sinner attained his last grand points on March 14, 2009 in Eugene, Or

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Charlie has fantastic bone, very very thick, heavy bone. He has the bowling ball feel when you pick him up. I would guess he weighs about 12 lbs and is just 8 months. Wonderful wide set eyes, small ears and a very soft sweet expression. This boy has lot of flash in person and is a lot of fun to show.

As an Open, Charlie made 6 out of 8 finals.  Including a Best AB Cat & a 2nd BEST AB Cat. Thank you to the Judges who used him!

Charlie is a NEW GRAND CHAMPION!  Charlie granded in Santa Rosa, Ca on Feb 15, 2009. A 3 show grand, and he DM'd his momma!!

Charlie went to his first show as a grand in King City, Ca and was 2 points shy of highest scoring cat in show.

Charlie ended the 08/09 show season as:

  21st Best Cat in the NW Region

2nd Best Solid in the NW Region

Best White in the NW Region

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My CC, what can I say about her, she is everything I was hoping for. She has nice large round eyes with a lot of pop to them. HEAVY bone, compact body, no neck, little ears and her personality is to die for!!!

YEAH!!! CC is a new GRAND CHAMPION!!! She has matured so much since these photos were taken. CC attained her last grand points on Feb 21, 2009 in King City, Ca

CC ended the 08/09 show season as:

21st Best Kitten in the NW Region

2nd Best Patched Tabby & White in the NW Region

*Favorite* is a very nice girl with exceptional coat factor!! She is a ultra compact little package, with itty bitty ears, and nice full top head. She is pictured here at 7 months of age. Favorite is a new champion.

Favorite ended the 08/09 show season as:

3rd Best of Breed Parti-Color in the NW Region

2nd Best Tortie in the NW Region


I would like to announce another NEW Grand! A special thank you goes to Leicy Bartlett of Whispurwnds for showing and granding Mimosa. Sosa is a full brother to GC, RW Bellini. Sosa has large bone, a nice short body, little tiny ears and large round eyes.

Mimosa granded at the Santa Clara Cat Fanciers in San Jose, Ca on Nov 1, 2008.  please watch for him in the NW Region in the next couple months!!!!

Mimosa is grand number #4 for Ch Whispurwnds Undeniable of Genasaqua. He is also my 5th Grand of my own breeding in less then a year of showing.  A special thanks to all of you who have helped make this possible.

Mimosa finished the 08/09 show season as:

Best Tabby Persian in the NW Region

Best Red Tabby in the NW Region

He has went on to live with Cacang of Chandra Persians.

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I would like to announce a NEW Grand! Lydia is a littermate sister to GC, RW Bellini. Lydia has the HUGE HUGE eyes and is a very short compact cobby girl with good boning.

A special thank you goes to Christina Flores of Pristinekatz for taking the time and energy to make sure Lydia granded.

Lydia granded at the Superstition Cat Fanciers in Phoenix, AZ on Oct 18, 2008. 

Lydia ended the 08/09 show season as:

SW Region's 2nd Best White Persian

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Mango was a ONE SHOW GRAND PREMIER! I would like to thank all the Judges whom had such wonderful things to say about him. Mango has fabulous massive bone and is built like a solid brick. As you can see his color and pattern are wonderful, his eyes are HUGE and he has a nice top head.

I would also like to thank Mango's momma Linda Ferros whom kept him in near perfect condition and allowed me to bring him back out to the show halls.

Mango granded at Rose City Cat Fanciers in Portland, Oregon Sept 6 & 7, 2008.  Mango is a full brother to GC, RW Bellini.

photo @ 7 years

Cats is a new GRAND CHAMPION! After much work and conditioning and through the breeding season we still were able to keep Cats in condition to attain his GC title, and at 7 years 11 months old!! Catsanova is pictured above at 7 years of age. 

Cats attained his last grand point at the Fort Vancouver show in Portland, Or on Aug 10, 2008

Cats is the sire to:

GC, RW Bellini

GP Mango

GC Lydia

GC Mimosa

GC, RW Charlie

GC Sinner






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